When you import a contact we automatically try to find out what their interests are and tag their profile.

Of course, our robots don’t always do the best job, so you can easily edit a profile in your Personal Contacts to delete or add an ‘Interest’ tag – these are the words displayed in green.


‘Interests’ tags help you develop deeper relationships with your contacts; try filtering search results of People by a specific Interest you might see on someone’s profile.  Chances are there are other people you know who share that interest.  You can create Groups of contacts who share similar interests to easily refer to similar people, and then quickly email them all, export them to your CRM or share them with a team who may have shared Interests.


You’ll note that we also include places in ‘Interests’ – so you can easily search for all of your contacts in say ‘Canada’ and find results, even if people don’t have the country name in their company name or position etc…

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