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Share a contact with your team

When you create a team, you can invite anyone to join it.

Once joined, team members can view anyone you’ve shared with that team.  They will also be able to see any communication shared between your team and that contact.

To share a contact with your team:

Choose the contact you want to share from the relevant People listing, then click on the sharing icon (paper plane) and choose the appropriate team – here we’ve chosen ‘Sales and Marketing:’


You’ll see that person now show up when you click into the team listing displayed underneath ‘People.’


Teams are listed on peoples’ profiles as well – you can easily review the teams you’ve shared them with, and add or revoke them from teams whenever you want by viewing their profile.


Here you’ll see this contact being added to a second Team called ‘Design’ by simply typing the name of that team into the ‘Share with Teams’ section of their profile.


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